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  5. "Il veut avoir un éléphant."

"Il veut avoir un éléphant."

Translation:He wants to have an elephant.

March 24, 2013



On slower, the 'v' sound on 'veut' was missing or am i just hearing impaired or is this an expected way of how veut sounds?

I kinda heard a 'iv' sound at the start on normal speed but on that speed the 'eu' sound of 'veut' seemed to be missing and it sounded like 'iv avoir un elephant'. I would've expected a liason between the t of veut and the a of avoir no?


The liaison would help you probably IL VEU-T-AVOIR, but I have listened to the sentence again and except for the lack of liaison, there is nothing wrong.


i see, i take it the 'eu' sound should be barely noticeable when speaking?. Got the veut sound after il elsewhere and this seems to be the case.


Whether or not you liaise "veut" and "avoir", the sound "eu" should be clearly heard.


i see! ok. And to your french ears, does the way it sounds here sound clearly heard?


you know, my French ears have been well trained... so no problem to me!


Sorry to say, I didn't hear the "v " sound either. Incidently, I wouldn't like to be the one to wrap it., The elephant I mean.

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