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durante la noche vs. por la noche vs. de noche

What are the differences between these terms?

This question is inspired by coming across the sentence "Descanso durante la noche." How would this sentence differ in meaning with the different options?

May 14, 2018



For that sentence and almost every other sentence, they are interchangeable. "De noche" is something like nigthly, "por la noche"(1) is more or less in the night or also nightly and "durante la noche" is like during the night.

(1) It is not used in all varieties. I'd say "de noche" or "en la noche" depending on situation. "Trabajo de noche" or "trabajé ayer en la noche".


Thanks for mentioning "en la noche" and for presumably explaining why "por la noche" is unfamiliar to me (to wit, my strongly Southern Cone-informed Spanish).

(normally we say "at night" instead of "in the night")


I'm from the Southern Cone, that explains our unfamiliarity. I saw "at night" in the other commentary, thank you.


I'd translate them, respectively, as "during the night", "by night" or "at night", and "nights" or "nightly"

For example, if I had to translate the RUSH anthem, "Fly by night", I'd say

vuel'por la noche lejos d'aquí

cambi'mi vida de nuevo

vuel'por la noche, adiós querida

mi barco no viene y pretend'no puedo

(I took some liberties to rhyme the second and fourth lines, and to respect the meter of the song I used some odd contractions. Hope you don't mind.)

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