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"Die Jungen trinken meinen Wein."

Translation:The boys drink my wine.

May 15, 2018



What is the legal drinking age in Germany?


beer, wine, sparkling wine (or mixtures containing them): 16 years; 14 years if accompanied by a parent / legal guardian.

anything stronger: 18 years. The law adds: ...unless it's contained in negligible amounts; I guess this refers to, say, putting a spoonful of rum in a pound of gingerbread dough. You can't buy chocolates with liquor filling if you're under 18.


:o there are chocolates with liquor filling?


So they’re teenagers. This seems about right.


LOL,and in my country you still keep it a secret from your parents like forever


The pronunciation of "trinken" here sounds very close to "trinkt" (actually more like "trink" to my ears). This sound file may be a bit confusing for beginners although the grammar should clearly be "trinken".


I find that headphones help greatly. Also, slow mode can often clarify electronically muffled speech. But in common situations, muffled speech is common.


Hold my wine oh wait...


Please,let us learn. The majority of comments are non sense and we should be thankful to the moderators for whatever input they give us. Many good questions are not answered because you fill the space with silly comments. Let us be more rational.


why die jungen trinken mein wein is wrong sometimes it works but when


"mein Wein" is nominative case. But you need an accusative here, which is "meinen Wein".

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