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  5. "bIHeSpu'."


Translation:You have committed a crime.

May 15, 2018



I reported that my answer should have been accepted, but now I see that that would have been for, "DaHeSpu'." And, imperfectly, I think that "DaHeSpu'ta'.", is not right either. Will someone please help me with this?


HeS is officially defined as commit a crime. Based on that meaning, it doesn't appear to take an object. Maybe it can, but it's never been used in a sentence by Marc Okrand, so we don't know.

It might be more accurate to imagine the English word crime as a verb. You crime, meaning you perform criminal acts, would be bIHegh.

You can't have both -pu' and -ta' on a verb; they're both type 7 suffixes and can't be together on a single verb.


Looks like a typo on that last word in the second paragraph.


The answer was, "You had committed crimes."

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