"Ils savent les paroles."

Translation:They know the words.

March 24, 2013

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Les paroles et les mots sont synonyms ou est-ce qu'ils s'utilise dans differents des cas?

Now in english in case my french is absolutely wrong! 'Les paroles' and 'les mots' are synonyms or are they used in different cases?


"Les paroles et les mots sont-ils synonymes ou est-ce qu'ils s'utilisent dans des cas différents ?"

  • Synonyms:

"Il a eu des mots très durs" or "...des paroles très dures" - he had hard words

  • Different meanings/uses:

"un mot est un groupe de lettres" - a word is a group of letters
"mon article fait 150 mots" - my article has 150 words

"les paroles s'envolent, les écrits restent" (idiom) - words fly away, writings remain
"j'ai téléchargé les paroles de la chanson" - I downloaded the song's lyrics


Merci beaucoup!! :) This place wouldn't be the same without you!


juste comme des paroles des chansons!

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    I came here looking for this. Your comments are always so helpful!


    I got this one wrong because I left out "the" in the English. But would French ever read "Ils savent paroles"?


    By exception, you can use paroles without an article, in specific expressions, for example: "il connaît paroles et musique" (meaning he knows all the intricacies of a given system or organisation)


    I thought that might be the case! I think if Duo had given us a sentence like yours, I might have guessed to drop the article. It's all down to context, as always! Thank you again for the explanation & reassurance!


    Could "les paroles" be used in the instance of lines from a movie or in a script?


    In this sentence, "les paroles" is "the lyrics", as in a song.

    In other contexts, "les paroles" can mean "the words".

    When you refer to lines from a movie or in a script, you may use "ils connaissent leur texte".


    I'm assuming that "les paroles" also means lyrics, in which case, why do we use the verb "savoir" instead of "connaître" in this example? Isn't it like not knowing the words, for example "I don't know the word" translates to "Je ne connais pas le mot" (Feel free to correct me).


    "je connais les paroles" = I already heard or read them

    "je sais les paroles" = I could sing them for I know them by heart


    Thanks Sitesurf. You've answered my question succinctly as always. Have a lingot

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