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Duo, please make the words in the boxes bigger

The recent updates shrank the words in the boxes on my iPad. It is difficult to see many of the words and it causes errors. Please fix it.

May 15, 2018



I use an iPad and I have not had trouble. Actually I haven’t noticed anything different at all.


I didn't see the smaller text until level 23 or 24. What version of iOS is on your iPad?


My small words are on iOS 11.3.1.


I use an iPad and sometimes the words are small. Sometimes not. If they are small I nearly always make an error and have to redo it hoping the words will be large again.


I use the web version and would like bigger font but ESPECIALLY more visible accent marks. I often have to squint to distinguish dots from accents. :)


On the iPad (iOS 11.2.2), the size of the text in the boxes (where you choose word by word what they are saying) is sometimes so small that I get a headache trying to read it. Sometimes the text is big as it ever was. Other times, the text in the boxes is tiny.. Duolingo, this is a programming issue. Please make the text BIG enough to read easily ALL THE TIME.

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