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Klingon Club: Qapla'

jupwI'! / My friends,

The arrival today of Klingon to the iOS has made it possible to create a "Klingon Club". I have never created a Duolingo club before so I thought I'd try it out.

Anyone interested in in trying out the new Qapla'! Club can join using the code 5GC5HR.

pe'vIl Supaw'jaj!

May 15, 2018



Can someone please help me learn the pronunciation of these words? I know that is is supposed to be spat out with much hatred and disgusted looks, but that is about all I know. As I am writing this, Duolingo has not added in a voice over for when you hover over the words, if they are going to add that feature at all. Thank you!


I tried to join this club using the code, but get a message that the club is full. Is it possible for you to allow more members?


Hi! I have removed a few inactive members to make more space. Please try again!


Sorry for my ignorance, but where exactly do we join?


You can click on the shield icon in the App; clubs aren't available through the Web-based version of Duolingo.


i be an invader of kinlon nihow the chinese will rule zengchan

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