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Large/small, tall/short?

Seid ihr Gross oder klein?

Why is the correct answer given as are you tall or small? Tall/short or large/small would surely be perfectly ok with no context? Better in fact. Husband tearing hair out having been marked wrong for giving the answer as tall or short.

May 15, 2018



Hi Diana, I think he reason behind the translation for groß in this sentence refers more on the length of a person, so duo wants tall. If someone told me a person is "large" I would imagine him / her wider in girth. For the the German word klein I think both should be accepted.


By "length of a person" do you mean "height"?


Yes, I only wanted to describe it more clearly and that is why I used 'length' instead of 'height'. I hope I didn't make it more complicated..:-/


She said "tall". So from what you said her answer should have been accepted.

Yes I think talking about the "length" of a person could cause confusion. We don't usually describe tall people as "long".


But neither is a person large if you say in German that someone is tall


She didn't say "large". She said "are you tall or short?". Her point was that her answer should have been accepted. I agree, it should have been.

And without context, I don't see why "are you large or small?" would not also be a plausible translation. Since we are addressing multiple people, we could be asking about the size of their group/club/gang.


Being a somewhat older guy, I can tell you that the use of "large" to basically describe a fat person is a rather recent development in the (American?) English language. One of these PC euphemisms.


"Are you tall or short?", should have been accepted. Please report it if you see it again.

"Tall or small" is ridiculous. Whoever decided that should be the correct answer must be from another planet.

BTW pls don't capitalize adjectives: Seid ihr gross/groß [not 'Gross/Groß'] oder klein?


Oops sorry, that was accidental! I’m. not very advanced in German, I’m concentrating on Spanish, but husband didn’t think of going to the discussion page so I did instead. Thanks for all the answers, this is really helpful.


I just got that one this morning and grimaced at it, after getting it wrong the first time. Apparently however, it is one of the Pearson sentences, and cannot currently be changed by the Duolingo team (at least as I understand it). So you have to answer as it is written, just keep it in your head that it makes no sense to say it that way in English. :)

I'm starting to have this terrible premonition that by the time I'm done with Duolingo I might have learned how to speak German, but my English will be ridiculously confused, thanks to these crazy/awkward translations that we're forced to use. headdesk


Pearson? Who’s he?

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