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"I started killing two rabbits."

Translation:Eu am început omorând doi iepuri.

4 months ago



That's not making any sense!

4 months ago

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Translation is not accurate. It should be one of the following:

  • Am început omorând doi iepuri. = I started by killing two rabbits.
  • Am început să omor doi iepuri. = I started killing two rabbits.
4 months ago

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I'm sorry, but "Am început omorând doi iepuri." sounds just plain weird. I think "Am început prin a omorî doi iepuri." is a better translation for "I started by killing two rabbits."

Also, "Am început a omorî doi iepuri." could be used for "I started killing two rabbits."

In any case, this sentence is just very strange and highly disturbing (unless you're a hunter, I suppose).

4 months ago