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  5. "Kolik stojí lístek na metro?"

"Kolik stojí lístek na metro?"

Translation:How much is a subway ticket?

May 15, 2018



This looks like it should be under transportation rather than restaurants.


I thought a transit ticket would be a "jizdenka"...?


I think jízdenka is a contracted form of jízdní lístek.


I am not sure that is the actual history but you can certainly interpret it that way. It can also be just a calque from French and German (Billet).

Now lístek is a sort of a colloquial equivalent to jízdenka. Jízdenka is only for a ride, letenka only for a flight and vstupenka only for entering some attraction or facility, but lístek can be (colloquially) any of those.

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