"They are very strong substances."

Translation:Son sustancias muy fuertes.

6 months ago



Why can't it be, "Ellos son sustancias muy fuertes?"

6 months ago

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sustancias is feminine

3 months ago


is 'fuertes' one of those adjectives that doesn't need to agree with the noun it modifies?

4 months ago


In the test out to level 4 the exercise given was “ellas son sustancias muy fuertes” now in the test out to level 5 the exercise is reversed and it’s incorrect to use ellas. That’s just irresponsible and damned stupid and cost me a heart.

1 month ago


Can someone please tell me when do we use pronouns and when can we eliminate them. I seem to always choose the wrong way I put Ellos sustancias muy fuerte. Which is correct but I got dinged because I used the Ellos. Even if it is redundant it should still be correct. Right?

1 month ago
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