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Crows are making progress impossible

Hi. Since moving to Tree 2 AND introducing the crowns, many of my pupils in a Duolingo for Schools class are finding it frustrating: a lot of them have gotten to more than half-way through the Welsh course but now have to get at least 1 crown in all of these lessons before being allowed to move on.

Can this be changed? It seems unfair that this is happening when they now have to go back and redo it.


May 15, 2018



If they have to go back and do some skills to get to crown 1, that is a result of new material being introduced into the course. It has nothing to do with the Crowns system.


If a student is half way through the course he is still halfway through the course he is still halfway through the course at Crown level 1 or 2 and can finish the course at level 1 or 2. When he is interested inntaking his knowledge a stage further he can go back and extend the skills to Crown level 3, 4 or 5.


It is not effective if you are really learning a hard language that demands you to repeat a lot. Repeat, something so basic it is not allowed with crowns. (nonsense, except, forcing users to consume ads)

Even the old system was too bored for portuguese from spanish (in real life very close, but here 80%) so i can not imagine somebody getting level 5 in all skills, really. If somebody met Duo that way probably will never try it again with another language.

With the old system once you get level 25 and all the tree golden, units remain golden longer so you dont know what to do, it would have been nice for me to switch to crowns at that point in italian from spanish, so, i started it in english (level 25 in both now)

Crowns are not a fully functional and effective system, it is a complement of another one (imperfect too), together are better but... let time tell.

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