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  5. "Tunaandika somo la kiswahili"

"Tunaandika somo la kiswahili"

Translation:We are writing a Swahili lesson

May 15, 2018



What does this mean?


No idea! Is it Swahili for doing homework?


I think, based on Zambian English, it means doing a Swahili lesson, not necessarily at home. I would hear students say things like "today we are writing maths" and it simply meant they had math class that day.


Why is "we are writing a lesson on Swahili" incorrect?


I think I might write "a lesson on Swahili" if I was going to teach the linguistic theory of it rather than teach students to speak it ("a Swahili lesson").

But I think Ivoryblossom must be right: "write" is the wrong translation here. It should probably be "We have a Swahili class."

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