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Colloquial English

The native Spanish speakers who write the material periodically discover new English colloquialisms and insert them in the dialog. It is true that very infrequently someone will say "I met loads of new people." It is also true that some small towns are infrequently referred to as "hamlets."

It might be useful in a course for Spanish speaking people learning English to be exposed to those new concepts. But it is completely useless in a course for English speaking people learning Spanish to find those infrequent words as the only acceptable answer.

May 15, 2018



"I met loads of new people." Yes, in the UK particularly in the north is is used.


In New England, some of us say "wicked cool" or "wicked pissah." Wicked here is being used as an another word for "very."


As a recent transplant here from the Midwest, this still makes me laugh. I'd heard 'wicked' before but I had to google 'wicked pissah' the first time.


Hi, when you find an error or omission in the lessons, please use the "report" button to alert the course creators. They do not read every post and comment in the public forums or sentence discussions, but they DO get the reports.

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