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"C'est aussi sa dernière pièce."

Translation:This is also her last piece.

March 24, 2013



Is "latest piece" also an acceptable translation here (i.e. latest work of art)?


I had "This, too, is her last piece" - and believe it should be accepted.


Unfortunately @ruinchristmas deleted both remarks, so it's not clear what @sitesurf is responding to, though it is clear there's some winking and nudging afoot...I'm guessing pièce has some mature connotations, like in English.

More seriously: though I got the translation right, I can't say as I really understand this sentence. Can you give a context in which one might say this? The part that's throwing me off is the aussi, otherwise @sitesurf's examples are very helpful.


Sorry i erased all my old comments when I was enraged at Duolingo for erasing one of my posts about my memrise site. Yes, childish.

In my original post, I just asked if pièce meant coin, room, etc.

In the second post, I told Sitesurf that in American English, screw needs to be followed by a preposition (In) or it would imply that she was having sex with the object in question.

Don't know if pièce also has mature connotations in French.


‘It’s also his last work’ is not accepted as of 2015-01-24.


This's also her last room. Does this english make sense to anyone.

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English does not contract "This is" to This's" although it may sound that way in rapid speech.


Yes, no problem (take a look at the second post here)


This sentence doesn't make sense. The word"also"connotes another. How Can there be more than one "last" anything?


You have to imagine a context where it would be relevant. A worker in a factory, someone comments on her work, says that she has assembled all pieces nicely so far, and quite fast since "this is also her last piece".


would another appropriate context be if a museum curator was discussing an artist's work as his most famous and "also this is his last piece"? or would there need to be a different grammatical arrangement?


What about 'sa' - couldn't that as well mean 'his' as 'her'? Duolingo gives me false for 'his', but I don't understand why...


"his" is accepted.


I said, it's also her last play and got it correct.


why is "it is also her last piece" wrong? when the proposed translation is: "this is also her last piece".


How do I know it is "piece" for room as opposed to "piece" for piece?


There are a lot of possible translations you can pick from for this lesson. In real life, you would have context to help you pick the right word:

  • pièce = coin/play/piece/bit/item/part/patch/room/paper/document/play


"piece" as in part of something, a work of art, or a gun?


Does anyone else hear two voices on the last word?

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