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"The girl sees all kinds of interesting animals."

Translation:Het meisje ziet allerlei interessante dieren.

4 months ago


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Wouldn't it be possible to alter the meaning of the frase in the sense of changing the subject from the animals to the girl stating that "The girl( and not another one) sees all kinds of interesting animals" instead of "The girl sees all kinds of interesting animals( instead of a collective group of things such as tyres or cars(as an example)) If this interpretation isn't correct it would also be helpful if someone could explain what I got wrong, as I had the feeling that both versions were accepted as the phrase itself is ambiguous. Greetings from Spain Nicolas

4 months ago

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What you're saying doesn't change the subject, but the emphasis. In all cases you would use the same words:

  • Hét meisje (this specific girl not another one)…
  • Het méisje (not the boy, I'm a bit unsure about my accent usage here BTW)
  • Het meisje ziét…(she doesn't hear them)
  • állerlei interessante dieren (so many different ones)
  • allerlei interessánte dieren (not boring ones)
  • allerlei interessante díéren (not cars, again I'm not sure about my spelling)
4 months ago