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Encouraging a student


A little background- I was a Native English Teacher in Korea for 18 months leading up to January, 2018. My last semester I made a Duolingo account for every one of my students and encouraged them to continue studying after I left.

Just today I received an email that a number of my students are indeed using the program. I would like to message them a short letter of encouragement to recognize their effort, but am uncertain if I can do so using Duolingo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

May 15, 2018



There is currently no feature for bulk-messaging your students. If you log into your classroom, you should be able to see the email addresses of the students though, and just reach out via normal email.


Gotcha. Yeah, I do have classrooms made. Unfortunately my students were quite young so I didn't put individual emails into their accounts. Was hoping there was a way to specifically message them through Duolingo, but it's okay.

Thanks for the help!

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