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Spanish Beginners! Please join We will learn together

Hello All,

Im so excited to learn Spanish on Duo lingo and Looks like if there is no friends its hard to keep consistency in learning. If you feel the same please join me and we can share tips for each other on how to achieve the goals. Together - we can - Habla Espaniol!!!

May 15, 2018



Sure! Do you know how to conjugate verbs? It seems to be the hardest thing for me.


¿Hola, como estás? ¡Me encantaría aprender con usted!


Gracias y share me good tips please (PS thats all Spanish i know for now)


Read all the "Tips and Notes" - when you click on a skill, and then before you click "Start" there is a light bulb. Click it and read all the "Tips and Notes". They are very helpful.


sure and share me good tips, if it has been working for you


where do we practice? of course, I can help you because I speak spanish.

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