"It is an object."

Translation:C'est un objet.

March 24, 2013

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is my sentence il est un objet wrong??


I used c'est une objet and was corrected to use 'truc' instead. Why?


Because we registered "un truc" as a valid alternative for this sentence. The computer checker scans your answers from left to right, sign by sign, and stops when there is a mistake. Then, it looks for the closer alternative translation.

In this case, it did not do a good job, because since your mistake was on the article, it would have been more logical to tell you that "objet" is masculine and just suggest "un objet" instead of "un truc".


"C'est un objet" was also marked wrong ... it wanted "chose" instead of objet for object ... why?


"C'est un objet" is the preferred translation that you can read at the top of this page. "C'est une chose" and "c'est un truc" are also accepted translations. If you got a multiple-choice exercise, maybe 2 correct options had to be ticked.

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