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  5. "He needs me."

"He needs me."

Translation:Potřebuje mě.

May 15, 2018



“Mě potřebuje” was not accepted and was corrected to “On mě potřebuje”. Is that because “mě” is a clitic and needs to be in the 2nd position?


I am not completely sure because we do have sentences with in different positions. This one came up today https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27305892


Why not: "Mne potřebuje."?


See the previous comment.


When you write, "See the previous comment", I can't tell if there's something in the link or the first comment that should be helpful since both discuss "mě".

As "mne" was not italicised in the notes for this lesson (meaning it does not insist on the second position), this is confusing me. I can't yet see an explanation for why "Mne potřebuje" is incorrect, since what look like equivalent constructions ("Tebe potřebuju") are accepted.

Can anyone help?


I am not even sure if I read it as mne or mě six months ago...

Anyway, as I indicated in the comment I think both "Mne potřebuje." and "Mě potřebuje." are possible with the appropriate strong stressing of the first word. With the normal intonation it is very unnatural.

I will add it because the Czech course is generally very benevolent and allows almost everything possible. Do note that many other Duolingo courses are much more strict and would not allow it.


Ah, so you were referring to how it would get more stressed outside of the second position. Thanks! I thought maybe there was some difference between that pronoun and what seemed like equivalent ones (tebe, ji, jeho) that Duo was accepting in the first position in other sentences.

I think when I read your other comment, it sounded as if one should treat "mě" as the more important piece of information in that sentence, so naturally it should be stressed.

Thanks as always for the replies!


I likely had not been referring to anything.

And not just naturally. You must stress it very strongly using your intonation to have any chance of it sounding natural.


"On mê potřebují" was wrong and the right answer was "Potřebuje mê". Did I mess up the gender..?


Oni potřebují = they need

On potřebuje = he needs

ê does not exist in Czech, only ě

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