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Biblical Hebrew - free vocabulary eBook

My newest free eBook is done and ready to download. It is a Biblical Hebrew vocabulary list based on word usage frequencies.

Here is my humble site:


Here is the direct PDF link:


This book called "Word Occurrences" has been about 2 years in the making. The main reason why I wrote it was so that I myself could review some words each day, and by the end of the month I would be reviewing most of the Biblical Hebrew words that were used in the Bible. This helps to keep word memory fresh in our minds, and reduces the chance that we will forget words that we have already learned. By grouping the words together into groups of similar words, it helps us to learn all of those similar words, and not just one word alone at a time.

Let me know what you think.

May 15, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Thanks for posting. For those who want to learn the Hebrew alphabet, a Tinycards link to learn:



    You're welcome. Thanks for the link, that looks very helpful for memorizing the letters.


    Will you make Tinycards out of the words?


    hmmm, I might if there is enough interest, and if I have enough internet access (moving soon). I saw that there is already a Biblical Hebrew vocabulary on Tinycards but the person did not seem to sort the vocabulary by word frequencies, but maybe instead by overall popularity of the words or maybe some kind of system where words are taught in a certain order so that students can practice the words in another lesson. So i guess it would depend on how many people actually wanted a system completely based on word frequencies.

    I like to see all of the related words grouped together when I study vocabulary, so I doubt I would ever use Tinycards for Biblical Hebrew vocabulary. If I could list out similar words on the back of the Tinycard then I might use it, but the problem with that is it that some words in my vocabulary book have 10 or more related words listed with it. So I doubt that that many words would fit. If I could fit 5 related words on the back of the card, I could at least put the most frequent words on the back with the main word.

    On the other thread where we were discussing Jacob and him being called a Syrian, I had to reply to you there on one of your other posts there on that thread. It seems there is a limit to how many replies can be made to another reply. I have my email listed in that book if we want to continue that conversation or another one via email, but let me know here if you email me because right now I don't check my email much, as I don't get any important email yet.

    It is almost Sabbath here, so maybe it is Sabbath where you are now, Shabbat Shalom :)


    Usually you can reply by going to the last reply available and even though you type above the message you are replying to, it will put it at the end unless it is upvoted in which case it puts the ones with the most votes first.

    Tiny cards has Hebrew cards based on a book.

    Most you can put is 3 facts.


    OK, thanks. I am not interested in making Tinycards then since I can only add 3 facts.


    Thank you very kindly, Nashariym! I've sent you a lingot for sharing your awesome resource. You rock. :-)


    You're welcome :) Thank you for the lingot and your encouragement. I hope to upload the 2nd (Beit) edition of the Vocabulary in about a month. Right now I am going through each day section and fixing any errors (lots of text should be red but is black, etc), and I am trying to make the day sections more consistent in size.


    Downloaded. Thanks very much for this. Lingot.


    You're welcome. Thanks for the lingot :)

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