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"The mouse is bigger than the cat!"

Translation:Die Maus ist größer als die Katze!

May 15, 2018



Dann hast du ein Problem.


Why is it sometimes 'größere' and not 'größer' at others. I thought the additional 'e' might be because it (in this case the mouse) is feminine.

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In this case, 'größer' stands alone and is neither affected by the two feminine nouns. It simply means 'bigger'. 'Größere' would have been used if it were qualifying the mouse, as in 'die größere Maus' i.e 'the bigger mouse'. Hope I've been of help. I'm learning as well, so pardon me if my explanation doesn't satisfy your need

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My childhood nightmare from the Nutcracker cartoon


Also, Eule, genug Schnaps für heute, ja? Geh ins Bett!

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