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  5. "jajmey Quch"

"jajmey Quch"

Translation:happy days

May 15, 2018



I thought Quch refers only to people (and perhaps animals) being happy, having a feeling of happiness, and not things being happiness-inducing.


I would tend to agree, though I don't know if we can prove that with canonical examples. QuchmoHbogh jajmey might be better.


Klingon for the Galactic Traveler notes that pleasure is deemed unessential for one's well-being, and says of music that the appreciation of music is expressed in terms of something that music does to the listener rather than in terms of the listener's reaction. A similar idea applies to food.

I don't believe that Quch can be applied to a day either, but whether it can or not, I think QuchmoH is much more appropriate, extending the principle that things which are pleasant are described in terms of what they do to the person undergoing the experience.


I'm inclined to agree. At the very least, it's an unresolved issue.

I believe this sentence may have been intended as a Happy Days reference (the show with the Fonz), but as it is potentially misleading, I will remove it.

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