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"He would secure the house first."

Translation:Er würde zuerst das Haus sichern.

May 15, 2018



why does zuerst go before the object?


You can put it before the object or the verb, it works either way. It's a matter of focus, I'd say:

Er würde zuerst das Haus sichern and then join the search for the dog. ("He would first secure the house." Here you sort of put a bracket around the whole activity of "securing the house".)

Er würde zuerst das Haus sichern and then the garage. ("He would secure first the house, then the garage." This sounds a bit more neutral than the next one:)

Er würde das Haus zuerst sichern [and the garage only after that]. ("He would secure the house first." This sounds more like giving an opinion on whether to secure the house of the garage first: "Choosing between these two, I would first secure the house.")

Er würde das Haus zuerst sichern and then lock it. ("He would first secure the house before he does anything else with it(!).")

And you can also say: "Zuerst würde er das Haus sichern" = "First he would secure the house (and then join the search / and then the garage / and then lock it)"


That's what I thought. But I tried

Er würde das Haus zuerst sichern

And it marked me wrong


If you encounter the sentence again, I think you should try reporting it.


Still not accepted. I have reported it now.


It is still not accepted.


Warum nicht "erste"?


As a native speaker: Three other options are also correct and have the same meaning in everyday language use. -Er würde das Haus zuerst sichern, -Zuerst würde er das Haus sichern, -Das Haus würde er zuerst sichern.

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