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Feature Requests/Suggestions/Feedback: Interface in $TARGET_LANGUAGE; Linkage to readings

Hello, I wanted to make a few suggestions how I think duolingo could be improved: 1) Make the interface appear in the target language after a few lessons, maybe add an extra lesson that explains the words used in the interface. 2) At least for me one important point is to read the target language. So I would be happy if there would be some connection to readings or reading practise. While I understand that at least for beginners the texts would probably have to be written by duolingo staff, I figure that for more advanced users there could be links to real books (Or selected newspaper articles from an archive), in the sense of "You already know 85% of the words used in "Le Petit Prince" . I have no clue whether it is an issue to get the text of commercial books for such suggestions (alternatively I guess they could just be made on a less data-based reasoning by deciding which texts/books might be appropriate at which stage), but if it is possible it might also be a way to generate revenue for duolingo, by having actually useful advertisements like "This book would be appropriate for your level, click here to order it at our partner $PARTNER".

March 24, 2013


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