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The Fluency Thing

I notice in a lot of posts in Duolingo, they talk about fluency, etc.

One of the new changes I noticed Duolingo make, is that they took off the "16% fluent" thing yada yada yada.

I totally agree with that. Just because you finish blank amount of lessons doesn't make you blank fluent. You have to practice.

But that's the problem. How do we practice speaking if we don't really have anyone to practice with?

In other words, how do people become fluent? (I know, not just with Duolingo. But how?)

May 16, 2018




With a conversation partner. Do an advanced search on this site for someone who wants to learn your language. Then set up a regular schedule, for example, every Saturday at 10 am...or whatever time is convenient for both of you. Make beginning lesson short..30 minutes completely in one language, then switch to 30 minutes completely in the other language. At the beginning, bring pictures of family or grammar assignments to work on together...some concrete to talk about.

Most important...consistency...30 minutes everything in language A, 30 in language B. and same time each week.

Little by little, you won't need the pictures or exercises.

The best way to learn to swim is to jump in the water.


oh thanks, like a lot! (more than you know!)


I want to make a suggestion for Duolingo (I don't know if their has been such a thing on DL before I came here though): A Chatting area where you can chat to others that are learning your targat language. Just my idea.


yeah, that's a great idea!

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