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Some very useful resources for Russian.

...потому что мне хотелось помочь тем, кто учит русский язык.)

Most of these are either completely free or can be used for free. I've used many of them for language learning, and others are ones I've heard good things about.

Please, help out fellow Russian learners and share any other resources you find helpful, or any comments about the resources on here.

Thanks to everyone who has shared resources to add here!

Learning/Study Tools, Courses

Grammar Guides

YouTube Channels


Podcasts and Audiobooks

Duolingo Forum Posts

More Resource Lists


May 16, 2018



I'd add as well: http://www.morfologija.ru/ A quick and easy tool for checking declensions and conjugations.

https://forvo.com/languages/ru/ Hear words spoken by native speakers.


How did I forget Forvo? Well, thanks for adding it. And huge thanks for Morfologija, I certainly need that!


... потому что мне хотелось помочь другим ученикам русского языка. ... помочь тем, кто учит русский язык.


Исправила, спасибо.


Огромное спасибо за твой список! Какие много советов!

I want to add one of my favorite grammar sites. I already posted it somewhere, but I guess, here it should not be left out, too! I learned a lot from there. Every lesson has little tests that are partly listening comprehension and applying the learned grammar, after 4 lessons you can take a bigger test about the previously learned things.


I also want to share my favorite podcast sites, these are better for people that are already intermediate russian learners:

https://postnauka.ru/ Here they discuss scientific subjects and others.

https://radiomayak.ru/podcasts/podcast/id/703/ Here they read books from different authors, I like it because I can listen to my favorite German or English authors in Russian! But they also have different themes on radiomayak, just browse!

Happy learning everyone!


Как много советов*


Спасибо!) I'll be sure to check out ПостНаука. It looks quite interesting.


My pleasure! Please do, it has a lot of resources, I only recently found the games page with little science tests. Fun ))))


Спасибо за беспокойство!


Извините за беспокойство!



And for anyone interested in words that Russian and English have in common...here's a research paper.


I've updated the post with recommendations from the community—thanks!

For those of you intermediate learners who write in Russian frequently, I recommend a spellchecker tool called LanguageTool. It supports multiple languages and is one of the few I've found that supports Russian. But, of course, native speakers are always the best ones to ask for corrections... ;)

If you found the list useful, then my mission here has been accomplished. Good luck and happy learning, everyone!


I've updated the list again with more recommended resources. Again, thanks to everyone who shared them!


Oh this is nice :) A few additions that might be enjoyed by others:





http://www.mezhdunami.org/ - online, free textbook for first-year students of Russian

Russian resource lists:

https://www.reddit.com/r/russian/wiki/full_course - A very useful and linear approach, and while the wiki is not an actual course in itself it provides resources to learn the building blocks of the language and onward to more advanced topics such immersion and speaking.




College Russian https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1qtNVtoGPTjq2iHOZJSkzA/videos

Will finish and add descriptions for each later for those interested.:)


Perfect! I'll add these in the next big update. I have a habit of neglecting to add resources as soon as I find them, haha.


Alright I'm just going to start adding them on here gradually, otherwise I'll never do it lol.

Learning/study tools:

http://tuchka.cloud/ - useful for those learning cases


Russian for beginners 1. Русский язык: A1 https://www.coursera.org/specializations/russian-for-beginners-a1

Я говорю по-русски/ I speak Russian (A1) * https://www.coursera.org/learn/ya-govoryu-po-russki

Русский как иностранный Specialization (B1-B2) https://www.coursera.org/specializations/russkiy-kak-inostrannyy#courses

*You must know SOME Russian for this course. It is very immersive, completely in Russian. Not for those starting from absolute zero.


You're very welcome :) !! Haha, it happens. I've been neglecting Duolingo for a bit but I will try and help out with the resource page here :)


Found a few more resources. Just when I think we found everything I end up finding a lot more haha. I just need some time to add them to a list and I'll share them here with you.


As a beginner I also find these podcasts helpful: https://russianmadeeasy.com


Словари на Академике: https://dic.academic.ru/ - русская версия http://www.enacademic.com/ - английская версия

Для тех, кто уже более-менее знает язык, может быть полезен сайт http://gramota.ru/ . Сайт для русскоязычного населения, соответственно он полностью на русском, на сайте есть словари (толковый, синонимов, ударений и т.д.), правила грамматики, орфографии, пунктуации.



This is a great post.

But....you forgot "BeFluentInRussian" channel on YouTube by a guy named Fedor. It is great! How could you.... :))))


Не беспокойся, теперь я это добавила в список...)


Good news, fellow learners! I've updated the list with more resources—neat stuff, from Russian With Max to a new section for Duolingo forum posts!

Keep on suggesting more. I'll also be on the lookout for even more very useful resources.


Hello P-Code, thanks for keeping up the good work. The list is growing endlessly but it's good to have everything in one place. Have you seen this post? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28425043 Could you add a Russian newspapers section for the next update?


Interesting! I've added a link to that post.


Hello again, Russian learners!

After 4 times of losing all my edits and having to type all the resources I added over and over again... Here's a big, new update!

First of all, special thanks to Tedoy1 for sharing so many resources! They're all added to this very useful list, now.

Second, among the added resources are:
6 new learning/study tools and courses
2 new YouTube channels
1 new dictionary
1 new Duolingo forum course
A new section for 3 other resource lists
2 new resources in the Other section

Which makes for a grand total of... 15 new resources!

Third, I've removed morfologija.ru because it has been replaced by a casino website. Don't go there anymore. Please use starling.rinet.ru instead, which does the exact same thing morfologija.ru did.

Keep on speaking Russian and sharing resources, everyone!


You're welcome! Just in case you need to type everything again or if someone wants another place to access this list I copy and pasted the post here: https://framabin.org/p/?0be7bb8ad637a967#BJwCqdeSSqygBnXXsX227Mjm89vW1nHzUZ0dmAvWrEs=


How convenient! Thanks for doing that!


Простите,а этот сайт бесплатный или нет-http://readlang.com/ru/dashboard


Да, он абсолютно бесплатный.


Спасибо !


Thanks for those ressources... Moreover i have another questions. I'm using Duolinguo on both computer and my smartphone. And i would like to know how to have russian alphabet on my smartphone. I have an Android device... If someone know... Thanks by advance



Choose the Russian keyboard layout and you're all set.


You can also go to your language settings. Settings - general management- language and input - virtual keyboard- Samsung keyboard - languages and types - add input language. At least I can then switch between different languages and use their dictionary by swiping over the space bar.


Thank you! You're awesome to provide these links!


Be Fluent in Russian I have found to be one of the best helps on youtube. He gives lessons in tiny bites, like our skills and makes it really clear. It has been a huge help to me to learn grammar rules in a very simple and understandable way


Thanks you for making this list with all these links. Very useful !

I also use this. http://starling.rinet.ru/cgi-bin/morphque.cgi?flags=endnnnnp

Someone posted it on the forum and I saved it in my favourites.

I find it very useful as it shows all the declensions and conjugation of nouns, verbs and adjectives.


This is by far my favorite YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCymAc4YKWYjDqNnLoK7m-2A

It’s the only channel I’ve found with good intermediate videos. She teaches at university so the way she teaches grammar to English speakers is high quality.

I also watch a lot of native speakers vlog.


Классно! Я рад, что нашел этот комментарий! Ill проверить все это! Спасибо!


Hi! I know her channel is in Spanish, but I hope that someone will find it useful. She talks about grammar and Russian culture and makes everything easy to understand. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMXeXEwqrRHFvaCLGICseJA


Neat! You should post that in the Russian for Spanish speakers forum: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/957


Prepositions, their meaning, and the case of their objects

I assembled a list of prepositions, with their meanings, and the case their objects take. You might be interested in that also:



Added, thanks! :)



A paper I did comparing Russian and English vocabulary.


Very interesting and well written. Added.


Amazing resources, thank you very much.

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