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  5. "But the world changed me."

"But the world changed me."

Translation:Svět ale změnil mě.

May 16, 2018



Why doesnt mě go in second position?


It is not used as a clitic, but as the most stressed word of the sentence. But the world changed ME.

In this example it can also go to the second position. You will stress a different word then.

Accusative has the lowes priority when it is a clitic (it is placed after things like -li, jsem, se, mi) and does not have to be a clitic at all.


Well it took me about 15 minutes to figure out what you are saying. I had to look up what a “clitic” was. I now completely understand this. Thanks.


Lepší slovosled by byl "Ale svět mě změnil"


To není lepší slovosled, to je úplně jiná věta.

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