"Sasa ni kipindi cha somo la Fizikia"

Translation:Now is a period of physics

May 16, 2018



The inconsistencies persist and are frustrating study progress. A, the and no article should be acceptable answers for all translations. In addition 'somo la .....' is either 'subject of' or it does not matter. In some cases 'subject of ....' is given as the correct answer and in other cases it is not. Again probably either should be the correct answer.

May 16, 2018


I agree with with you wholeheartedly.

May 22, 2018


I'm starting to suspect that somo actually doesn't mean "lesson", but just "subject". Kipindi seems to mean "lesson". What do you guys think?

Ninapenda somo la fizikia: i like physics. Sana ni kipindi cha somo la fizikia: now we are going to have our physics lesson.

December 10, 2018
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