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  5. "Él no es médico."

"Él no es médico."

Translation:He is not a doctor.

May 16, 2018



Difference between medicó and doctor?


It is just a cultural mistake. Every Doctor is a médico, but not every médico is a Doctor (Read below). In spite of they want to be called doctors... To be a Doctor you need to study much more than a grade career or specialitation, and for simplified need to "discover" or add something relevant to the profession . In the other hand "medicó" with accent in the "o" is a pass time and third person word, means he gave or put a medicine to some one ill, who in most of the case is in bed or a chair with difficults to move. And the last one medico with tacit accent in the "i" is the same of medicó just in present time but in first person. Yo medico a alguien. Nice word :)


Not all doctors are medics either, a doctor is someone with a PhD (un doctorado in Spanish), and not all PhDs are about medicine.


Absolutely right, my mistake, i didn´t think in that way


Daniel, was your last example supposed to mean "I treat someone." (Like you act as their nurse or medic?) I did not find one with an accent on the "i," but my resources are limited.


Exactly you are acting like a nurse or medic, but you will not find the accent in the vowel "i" That is because it is a "palabra grave" it is mean that has accent in the penultimate syllabe but you don´t write this because the word ends with a vowel. The name for that thing is "Acento tácito"


shouldn't this be '' Él no es un médico'' ?


No, they don't use articles before professions.


Looks like someone at Duolingo agreed with you, ThomasNopsterboi. Within the 2 months of you asking this question, I see this:

"Él no es médico." Translation:He is not a doctor.


I put "El no es mexico" and it counted it right, without telling me i mispelled medico!


It's probably more than obvious and such a common autocorrect mistake that they count it as correct.


I did the same. Definitely a surprise. Only because that is exactly what was spoken. I listened to it repeatedly at both normal and slow speeds. I intend on reporting this one also.


I heard Mexico, not medico.


Why is the correct translation of this: He is not a physician. and not he is not a doctor? in every other sentence they use doctor?


Physician is a differeny profession.


I know that is why I was surprised Duolingo said that should have been my answer....


Well that was random


He's not a doctor fails. He is not a doctor is right. Looks like someone needs to teach Duolingo English.


Unfortunately the answer was not "elmo es medico"


Does it sound exactly like México to anyone else? Do you just tell the difference based on context?


I must say the audio doesn't pronounce it correctly, but it does not sound as "México". The D in "Médico" should be pronounce, but the audio says something like "Mé-ico", without a D. And the syllable "xi" in "México" is pronounced like a strong H sound, as in "hat", "hello" or "hate".


The lady speaks just like she is about to sleep..medicoo..starts snoring..


She sounds like she's saying Mexico. Mush mouth.


El no es medico He is not a doctor Why the hell is my answer wrong its the same answer given


Can't I say "He's not a doctor" instead of "He is not a doctor"?


Are there any instances where "médico" would be more/less appropriate than "doctor?" Or can both words be used interchangeably?


Most of the time it's interchangeable, but I think doctor is more professional/experienced. It's kinda like the difference between a Ph.D and an MD.


What is the difference between "medico/medica" and "doctor?" Because I've seen both.


Why is 'he's' wrong and 'he is' correct?


He's no doctor is absolutely correct so quit dinging me when my translations are 100% accurate!


What was wrong with "he is no doctor"?


This is a statement that would only be to used in response to someone when they are saying they are a doctor when in fact they aren't


"He's no doctor"...? what's the issue? It wasn't accepted.


What if there is a typo when u need to type they don't give u a second chance


Medico y Doctor in Spain is the same. Cuando tell him Doctor My arm hurts for example but when you told about to go, you say I go to medico, sometimes I am going to the Doctor. Other think médica no is correct medico yes. Sorry my English. I'm Spanish learn English. August, 28 2019


again, no listening exercise and no way to report it


Medico sounds too much like Mexico.


Almost missed it but the Señora said ¨Check your awnsers as she looked at my screen during class¨ Ik something was wrong then :)


Can't understand half of what the female says !


i thought the speaker said "mexico", so that's what i typed and it's correct tho


The woman doesn't even pronounce the 'd' in médico, she makes it sound like Mexico


Why isn't Dr. acceptable for doctor?


I mistakenly wrote the word Mexíco as the answer, instead of médica and still received credit for a correct answer.


Sounds like Mexico. I know the sentence doesnt make sense. But that's how it sounds.


To make this work I had to write he isn't a doctor..... Odd same thing as he is not...


at one place duolingo allows medico , elsewhere it doesnt


Medic- medico doctor/doctora-doctor. ¿Por qué? Yo estudié español para nueve años, y yo sé mi repuesta es correcta.


Would "He is no doctor" work? Grammatically I would think that is wrong even in english, but I'm no expert in even English....


"He is no doctor" in English to me at least implies that he does not act like a doctor. So it has a different context that might not make sense here.


Right. But is uncommonly used.

We only deal with what is commonly used here.


Lookat the sentence


Reported for there being no "un" before médico


In Spanish you don't use indefinite articles before a profession, unless you use an adjective to modify the profession. To example this: - Él no es médico. (He is not a doctor) - Él no es un médico irresponsable. (He is not an irresponsible doctor)

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