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"Your younger sister is really cute!"


May 16, 2018



Don't need 的when referring to close relatives.


Duolingo Chinese is unusable. The same three out of eight Word Bank tiles (自拍, 真萌 and 美图) are silent in both Opera and FireFox, both the very latest and fully reset. Single character tiles are never silent. Kindly send a note to duo-ok@jovi.net if it ever gets fixed, I'm out of here.

UPDATE: Well after half a year, nobody sent any mail but I checked in anyway and lo and behold, the silent audio was not only fixed but the [Report] menu had new checkboxes for both SILENT and OTHER trouble, my extra effort reporting defects has been rewarded, good work duo team! Alas, this goodness only lasted a week or so, once again I'm getting clobbered with silent tiles, unacceptable, maybe see y'all next year, maybe I'll apply for grants to crowd source a liberated alternative.


Stop complaining, is a free app (FREE) to help us to learn, if you dont like GET OUT OF HERE. Nobody want to listen your silly conplaints⛔


Ohhhhh. Now thats a serious man!

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