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Use the keyboard for Japanese!

Using the keyboard is essential for memory! If you are on a PC/computer/laptop etc. please use the keyboard, it allows for much better memorisation in a method similar to SRS (Spaced Repetition Strategy/System). Having the words right in front of you makes it a lot easier, like multiple choice questions. If you are up for the challenge, the keyboard is better because you learn the Kun'yomi and On'yomi for Kanji which will allow you to type them out in sentences (e.g. 私の名前は何ですか?) and you are forced to remember particles and sentence structures.

Of course, this is just an opinion! Comment your opinions (Agreements/Disagreements)!

Thank you! ありがとうございます!よい一日を! - Damland

May 16, 2018



I absolutely agree. I installed the Google IME for Japanese and do not regret it in the slightest. I will admit I use the word bank for the first couple of times though, so I do think it's important to have both.




It's definitely much harder for me to learn and actually remember things when I'm using the word bank instead of actually typing stuff out myself.


How can I do it on Android? (Is it possible?)


There are android apps for Japanese keyboard. I have Samsung Galaxy 7 and went through Settings->Genreal Management->Language and input->Language to add Japanese.


In my experience, the duolingo app on android doesn't give an option for it, however you may able to try it through a browser with desktop view on. To type in japanese, it depends on your keyboard.

Hopefully this helps!


Yeah, agree with you. I like to use keyboard to memorize the words and also like to read without listening to the audio to increase my reading skill !


wait... but how do you even do that with crown levels?

[deactivated user]

    I agree!


    A question that's a bit off topic does anyone know how to slow down the audio in the Japanese course?


    Ctrl+Shift+Space (for all courses I guess)


    Sadly no. I have already tried that, but thank you for the suggestion. :)


    I can only use hiragana and katakana but it can covert to kanji


    I don't seem to be getting the Japanese keyboard on PC. Is there a settng i need to activate?


    You need to download it. I used Google's IME and I can now switch back and forth just by pressing ALT+SHIFT


    Ah, that's it, I was just missing the "use keyboard" option on Duolingo. The way some people made it sound made me think it was pushing you to use it by making it default.


    may be your browser ? I am using Chrome and it works


    Nah i think it was just my vision. It works fine now, I just struggled to find it initially.


    Yes, but how do you make your keyboard to write Japanese characters?


    Go to Control Panel-Language and regions-Keyboard-Change Keyboard- Add Japanese including IMI and apply


    Yes, I agree with you it has helped me learn a lot. Thank you.


    I agree, you need to recall information to use the keyboard, not just recognize things. That makes it more challenging which gives your brain a better workout.


    I made it to the third gate by using the word bank (most lessons at level 3). At that point I felt like I hadn't really learned anything. I then started again from the beginning of the tree, moving up to level 4 using the keyboard. I also started putting the kanji into Anki as Duolingo presented it to me, and I study that every couple of days now as well. I feel like I'm retaining more vocabulary - I still appreciate the primer questions at the start of each lesson though.


    Boopity boop boop

    [deactivated user]

      はい! I agree.


      Sorry for not leaving replies! Haven't been on Duolingo in a while.


      I totally agree with you. I often get things right just by looking at the context and available words. However, when I am typing everything has to be from my memory and I really have to pause and think what words to use!


      I'm using Gboard on Android and can't figure out how to type numbers in Japanese. I can type the Arabic numeral and it works but I'd like to type the actual character.

      Edit: I figured out that if I use Hiragana to spell out the number names, then the Kanji characters show up among things I can select.

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