"Bony ├▒uha kepa issa?"

Translation:Is that one my father?

May 16, 2018



So is "bony" the possessive form of "kony" meaning "that one" or "that"

May 16, 2018


It is the animate form, used mainly for humans (and animals if the speaker chooses):

[Demonstrative pronouns] make a simple distinction between animate (B-class) and inanimate (K-class). In addition, there are two sets of pronouns depending on distance. Thus:

  • kesy "this (inanimate)"
  • bisy "this (animate)"
  • kony "that (inanimate)"
  • bony "that (animate)"

Source: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/hv/Demonstratives-1/tips-and-notes

May 21, 2018


Thank you so much SprightBark! Why tf do i have to come to the comments for this?!?

October 15, 2018
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