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"Você devia pagar suas dívidas."

Translation:You should pay your debts.

March 24, 2013



This portuguese phrase is very colloquial!

Its formal form is: "Você deveria pagar suas dívidas".

As Paulo commented, "devia" (imperfect past) is commonly/informally used as a suggestion, and not as something that really happened.


I don't understand this translation of 'devia', which I take to be the imperfect. The given translations are 'have to' which I thought was 'deve' and 'should' which I thought was 'deveria' Have I missed something?


In spoken language we use devia as the same meaning of deveria, so it should fit this sentence..


But is it fair to mark "had to" as wrong -- especially when DL's students only know devia as the imperfect indicative?


How about "should have payed"?


Should have paid = "deveria ter pagado", this "devia" does not express past tense, even thought it, strictly speaking, is past tense.


In English, we would say: you should pay off your debts


Wouldn't it be "quitar" instead (in Portuguese).


Both would still be translated as 'pay off' in the way we speak English in England


As happens so often, I grasped the meaning, but could not satisfy Duo's version. I tried ' You were obliged to pay your debts' and lost another heart.


That is not the meaning, although devia strictly speaking is past tense, the meaning is "you should pay your debts". A maffia boss could send you a head of a horse with the note "vc devia pagar...", as a suggestion.


Shouldn't it be "deve"?


Deve is more emphatic (must).


Is dever in the imperfect tense ever used in a strictly imperfect way, or is it only used in the manner used in the solution and the comments?


Yes. An example of owing money:

• Bill devia muito dinheiro ao banco depois de comprar a casa.
• Bill owed a lot of money to the bank after buying his house.

"O pretérito imperfeito do indicativo se refere a um fato ocorrido no passado, mas que não foi completamente terminado. Expressando, assim, uma ideia de continuidade..." https://duvidas.dicio.com.br/devia-ou-deveria

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