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"Nisingekula nisingeweza kwenda shule"

Translation:If I were not to eat, I would not be able to go to school

May 16, 2018



almost universally in the United States, the first clause would be said "If I were to not eat," rather than not to, but it doesn't accept this answer. This should be added to the answers.


And in the rest of the English speaking world. 20201023


4 words in Swahili, 15 in English. Our language was not designed for this ..


Shouldn't it be shuleni?


kwenda shuleni = go to the/a school
kwenda shule = go to school

The former just means the school is your destination. (Maybe you're a postal worker, a teacher or a parent.) The latter means you're a student and you're going to the school to take part in lessons.

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