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Font too small to read

Is there a way to get the old size font back on the word cards in the app on iOS? I can barely see the words. Use two lines for the cards instead of crowding into one line?!

May 16, 2018


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I found this posted by Mr.Quizzical 2 years ago in the discussions. He said: If you have the iOS app. In Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom. Turn on zoom. Read the instructions below the toggle switch.

If you don't have the iOS app, I can't help you.

I hope he is right and this helps you.


I noticed this problem recently and tried using "Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom" on my iPhone to correct it. That didn't work. It simply affected other apps on the phone by making their text too large to display correctly.

Given the relatively small size of an iPad or iPhone screen, the Duolingo web designers have little scope for varying font size. They should have realised that and stuck to the tried and tested formula.

I finally solved the problem by giving up use of the iPhone app altogether. I now use the web version of Duolingo displayed on a 60 centimetre wide TV screen. By pressing "cmd" and "+" together it's possible to increase the text size still further.

This looks like a case of Duolingo programmers fixing something that wasn't bust. The older version that I started using around two years ago was simpler and more user friendly.

I would be very interested to know if there are other solutions to the font size problem.


Yes this is an accessibility issue. They need to fix this. No update should make things become LESS accessible.


You can usually adjust your computer screen to make the font larger, but this sometimes makes the text run off the edge.


Put it in the app reviews. Then maybe they’ll listen :-((

[deactivated user]

    I have an iPad and I was using safari to access DL for the last two weeks, but the font was so small, I figured maybe if I got the app it would be better. Boy was I wrong! Another thing I don’t like about the app, if I make too many mistakes I get a time out for bad “health”, which never happened to me using safari. A lot of my mistakes are typos or little tiny things not translating into English exactly right. On safari you just try again as many times as it takes. In the app you are punished and not allowed to move forward. I will probably go back to using it on safari. And there is NO WAY I will pay for premium with this tiny font, because I’m not sure how much longer I can even stand it. Obviously the people who designed this microscopic font must not even use DL. Btw, using zoom on an iPad might work, but the process is so cumbersome as to be useless.


    Hi I am so sorry about this. Can you zoom in on the screen? To do thiss put two fingers in the middle of your screen and pull them away from eachother. I really hope this helps!


    Thanks for that info. I just tried that solution and it doesn't work - at least not on my iPhone 6. I have the Zoom function on the phone just as you describe it. But when I go into the Duolingo app the Zoom function is disabled.


    That is so wierd other than that i do not know what to do. It works for me on a computer.


    I almost never use Duolingo on the computer; almost always on an iPad. That is why "this" new feature is so maddening.


    I have tried deleting the app and redownloading it. That has reset the size of the cards. I have also experienced it that it starts small and at some point in the middle of the exercises it becomes big again. If you haven't already tried it, you might also want to shut down your ios and reboot like you would with a computer. I think it is a glitch in the softwear and not anything Duolingo did on purpose.


    Detected the app and downloaded again. Font is still tooo small.


    It hasn't worked consistently for me either. It generally fixes with one download. Once I had to delete a second time. But, you can see it's not a permanent fix. You might also try closing the app now, and opening again. I had it change once when I went from vertical to horizontal screen too. It's silly that we have to resort to this. I keep meaning to email them directly about it.


    I am having the same problem. Text size in challenges varies from screen to screen. Some are easy to read, others I can’t. And for some of the languages which use multiple accents I simply cannot see which accents they are using and keep getting messages telling me to pay attention to the accents from which I must assume that I am getting them wrong. This is a serious accessibility issue. The iOS zoom is unusable for Duolingo because it zooms on a fixed ratio and has to be moved around and covers adjacent words with the zoomed words..

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