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New social German club! Looking for friends!

Hi everyone! I've been really getting into maintaining my Duolingo streaks lately and have been in the market for a social club to chat with. I never find any that match this description (somehow) so I decided to make my own.

Only rules: chat occasionally, respond to some of the mini game posts, and have at least 10xp weekly. No need to be crazy active! If you suddenly go totally inactive or never chat, you will likely be removed.

Code is here: 9H6Y9B

Bis bald!

May 16, 2018



How do you do that on Duolingo. i don't get it. I really want to join because i have at least 600/10 a day so i would be perfect for it. Can you please tell me how to join.


I've been looking for a Club to join! I'm in.

[deactivated user]

    I'll join! I've just went back to German and will be finishing the tree!


    The club had a strong start, but it seems like we need some new, chatty faces. I'm trying to post little prompts every day, as I can to keep it interesting. Come hang out with us!

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