iOS app v4.0

I keep hoping that the next update will handle offline better. Somehow, the opposite has been happening. The latest update makes the app virtually unusable for someone who wants to use it while commuting by subway.

It has been noted that the option to practice weakest skills is missing. Here are some other things that would make the experience better for offline learning:

In general:
• Landscape mode (mysteriously gone from 4.0).
• Practice week skills sessions (5 or more) downloaded in advance.
• Better WiFi and/or cell phone signal detection. App sometimes hangs with low signal and then scores answers as good answers regardless of whether they are right or wrong.
• Ability to change courses to do the sessions that were downloaded for offline practice.

For incomplete trees:
• 5+ skill blocks downloaded in advance.

I did more than half of the German course on my iPhone with versions of the app that handled mobile better. I am afraid that people who are just coming to Duolingo now will not have that opportunity and will end up not using this amazing tool.

All the best,

April 24, 2014


Hi yonoleo! Thanks for writing all your thoughts down. So you know, practice is coming back in the next update (should go out today!). The landscape mode is possibly going to be back soon too! Improving offline mode is a much bigger endeavor. We could not fit all the updates we wanted to do in this version. Please hang in there with us! We are excited about this very big update that was made, and it won't be the last. We're always improving.

There's going to be another update today? If there is... good. When my son get's home, I'm going to make him use the Duels feature and win. If he doesn't, no dinner. He must get a full 100! No B+!

I think she meant that the update will be submitted to Apple today for their review. The update will probably be available next week.

Hi kristinemc -overall I like the new design but agree with most of the critiques. One thing I think you need to prioritise is reporting on the iPad. I use iPad almost exclusively (only use the web for immersion) and it is very frustrating losing hearts to very poor or clumsy English and not being able to report it easily (screen grab and using the feedback option is simply not adequate).

Hi icundell- yea it's something we find important! Reports improve the course and language learning for everyone!

That's good to learn. I think the return of "free practice" plus reporting would upgrade the app from merely excellent to outstanding.

Hi Kristine, Oh, I am not going anywhere. I keep talking about duolingo to everyone who listens. I bring this up mostly because I know Duolingo's team probably does not spend much time troubleshooting in a setup like NYC's subway. And it has been frustrating that practicing during my long commute has been getting more difficult. Duolingo is much better than crushing candy, but crushing candy does work underground.

Nice streak you have going, btw! Keep it up! When is the next NYC meetup?

I use it on the subway too :) But yes, I understand! We are working our hardest to improve a lot at the same time. Hopefully an NYC meetup soon! We're also going to make it easier for community members to lead them. Are you interested to do that in NYC?

I am not going to say no, and I am happy to help in many ways, but you probably want someone who is a bit more outgoing to lead those.

I do hope you'll come no matter who leads it!

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