No listening exercises anymore, audio is cut off halfway through sentence & no speaking in Safari

Hi everyone,

I've been using Duolingo on Safari, but since the audio was sometimes cut off in the middle of the sentence, I thought I'd try Chrome. Cool thing about Chrome is that I now have speaking exercises, because I never had them in Safari. However, the audio is still cut off quite often, so I went back to Safari. I had no listening exercises in Chrome and I preferred them over the speaking exercises (quite inaccurate unfortunately), so that's why. But, after going back to Safari, I never get any listening exercises anymore. I really liked the listening exercises, so I would really like to have them back. Does anyone know how to do this?

Big thanks in advance!

Also, about the other problems:

  • How do I fix the audio cutting off halfway through the sentence? It doesn't happen in the first exercise (so reloading works, but annoying), but it does very often (practically always) in subsequent exercises. When I start the audio again, it mostly works fine, but I want it to work well the first time it plays, when it does so automatically.

  • Can I get speaking exercises in Safari? I'm afraid not, since there's nothing mentioning the microphone in Settings (while it is in Chrome), but who knows...

Again, thanks a lot!


Problems are solved, thanks! Some info for people encountering the same issues:

  • Listening exercises still worked on Safari after Chrome, it's just that the one skill I was doing had no listening exercises in it (unlike all other skills so far)

  • Audio cutting off is mainly due to having bad internet, although it seems that using Chrome over Safari helps slightly

  • Unfortunately, speaking exercises aren't available in Safari as of right now

May 16, 2018


make sure that chrome isn't selected as the default browser, and check for issues between any audio related plug ins in chrome and either the iOS or OS X (i don't know if you're on a phone or a mac). is it a 'jail-break' iPhone?

issues with audio calls from the browser and server responses sometimes have more to do with network peculiarities than either the browser front end or server back end, I've experienced what you describe using various browsers on different mobiles and desktop OS's. hope you find a suitable bug swotter.

you can get the 'Irish extended' keyboard if you're on a mac which makes life a lot easier, just use 'alt' plus the key to type é, ú, etc.

May 17, 2018

Thank you for your extensive reply!

I forgot to mention that I'm using a Mac for Duolingo, sorry. I'd like to use my iPhone, but I want to do type instead of guess using word blocks, because I believe that that makes me learn the language better. Since typing isn't possible on iPhone (and if it was, it'd be quite slow), I'm using the Mac for now.

About the sound problems: You're definitely right about the audio issues having to do with network peculiarities. I've noticed that it only happens when I have bad Wi-Fi, so it must be (at least partly) duo to that. Problem solved, thanks. Also, Chrome seems to have less of a problem with it as well (and it has the nice speaking exercises), so I'll be using Chrome from now on.

About the listening exercises: I guess I was just too afraid I messed something up. Apparently it was only the one skill (around 15 lessons though) that had no listening, neither on Safari or Chrome. I do have listening exercises again now on both, but as I said I'll be using Chrome.

Thanks once more!

May 17, 2018

no probs. you can still use the extended Irish keyboard with any app and if you're in chrome try using the Developer menu if you come across any other issues while you're on the duolingo site. the dev. tools are good at spotting issues. you're right to suspect wifi as a 'usual suspect' for a lot of usability prob's.

glad you got it sorted.

May 17, 2018
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