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  5. "may' Sut lutuQmoH SuvwI'pu'."

"may' Sut lutuQmoH SuvwI'pu'."

Translation:The warriors put on body armor.

May 16, 2018



For me, the lu- here makes this sentence feel like a word-for-word translation from English, which often uses singulars for plurals in a military context. Presumably each warrior puts on his own unit of armor? In which case it wouldn't be a plural subject acting on a singular object as lu- signifies--at least, not as I recall seeing it used elsewhere in these lessons.

May 16, 2018


I agree. The question is whether Sut is a countable noun (like outfit) or an uncountable noun (like clothes). Unfortunately, Marc Okrand has never used the word Sut in a way that would distinguish this for us.

May 17, 2018
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