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Test Out and Practice

Previously you had the option to 'test out' of a skill, but that option seems to have been removed. It would be great to have that back.

A problem that I've had with the 'practice' function for a long time is that it seems to pick one of your earliest, least practiced skills, and just goes through those one at a time. I would love if Practice was more cumulative of all the skills you had already worked on.

May 16, 2018



So, to be clear, we cannot 'test out' past level 1?

That is nutty. Doing '5 crowns' worth of basics is a waste of my time.


Doing '5 crowns' worth of basics is a waste of my time.

Don't do them then?

Where does it say anywhere you have to take lessons to Crown level 5? It's entirely optional, it's up to you if you do them or not. You only have to achieve Crown level 1 to progress and unlock the skills underneath.

I don't understand what the problem is?


"You only have to achieve Crown level 1 to progress and unlock the skills underneath."

I don't quite understand. When I hit the 'practice' button what am I getting?


When you're hitting the practice button for what?

There's a 'global' practice button at the bottom of the white panel on the right that will practice all of the skills you have learnt so far.

Or, once you've completed a lesson to Crown level 5, you can practice that particular lesson.


If I have leveled a skill up to level 5, will it be included in my global practice?


The global practice button is random and does make you practice things that you have not practiced lately. It does not raise your crown levels, but I enjoy the randomness. I like to bring new lessons up to level 1 and do an occasional review on those that I have already done. There is no advantage to rushing to Level 5 as you can really get bored for no reason. Just go back now and then and do a lesson. If you liked the old system, check out https://duome.eu/ZachDahle/progress where you can see which skills are golden and which have faded according to the old spaced repetition algorithm. You can practice there by clicking on the dumbbells which will increase your skill % which is like regilding your tree, but it will not increase your Crown Level. Some people like to use this site to choose which skills to practice, but instead of using the practice button here they click on the crown for it and just do a crown lesson. That way they raise their crown and bring up their skill percent. The exercises for the lessons are arranged in Crowns from easiest to hardest, single words to phrases to sentences and identify pictures. to word tiles or multiple choice, to translate to speaker’s language, to listen and write in new language, to translate to new language while the dumbbell practices are random.

So, in answer to your question, there is no way to get rid of a skill from the global practice, but if you recently practiced it by just doing one lesson, it will pick something else to practice. So at least you won’t be doing it over and over again. Meanwhile you can pick a dumbbell practice specific to a skill that you do want to practice from the site that I gave you.

I actually do an occasional easier lesson for a language when I am switching from one language to another to switch my mind over to the new language before doing some new material. So eventually, I will probably bring up my Crown levels, but I am not going to sit through the same skill material over and over again in a row and that is not what you are intended to do unless you are really not remembering anything at all. They are actually trying to get people to stop binging on one skill and learn some new material while going back and practicing a bit each day.

So keep in mind that Blue is the new Gold and everything else is extra, but hopefully when you go back every now and again the type of exercise may get gradually harder (the easiest lessons feel like they are almost not changing and so very very gradually but later skills feel a bit better as there is more vocabulary by that time). I still prefer the random type of practice, but I will probably alternate.

In some languages, I tried going too high in level and encountered some grammar that would be explained in a later skill. So that reminded me that I want access to more tips and notes by going down the tree before going too high in level. Oh, and you can also preview the Tips and notes for all the lessons that have them on your progress page.

When you get up to level 5, then you have access to the random practice for that particular skill including the timed practice if you had bought it, but I access it now through the progress page.

The randomness of the old system meant that people could get a translation exercise before being introduced to the word with a photo and so some people thought the old system was too hard. Now some people think that after they do the initial easy lessons that the harder exercises are too hard and wish that they could go back to the break of occasionally having an easier exercise. So they cannot win, but I feel the key would be to offer us the choice of how difficult we want our lessons to be. That way the people who just want to review could set it to a higher difficulty with fewer reps. The people who just want to repeat a lesson over and over until they get it could have a choice for an easier setting and a redo button.


You can complete Level 1, then put it in your rearview mirror.


I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean...


Crown Level 1 is equal to making your skill golden for the first time in the older system, so you can continue down the tree. The test out feature was to test out of doing the lessons that led to what is now Crown Level 1. There is a difference though because the exercises you were getting were random before and now in Crowns they are set up easiest type questions to hardest in Level 5. Still, the test out will only get you to Level 1. If you still want to test out, I find it to be great practice, because you cannot look at the hints. Press start in the skill you want to test out of and then look at the Url above and delete the last number from the end and type test, then enter. That number is the lesson number that you are on at the moment in Crowns. Again, you can only test out of a lesson that you have less than level 1 so it should be purple. You may be able to take a test for a different one but even with all correct answers you will be told that you didn't test out of any skills, and that would be because you already completed the skill to Crown Level 1. I recommend you check out https://duome.eu/ZachDahle/progress where you can see your golden skills and practice.


Sorry Zach, what I mean is, you can do the equivalent of test out by doing Level 1. Level 1 is fast and easy then, you don’t ever have to go back to it.

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