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A- Complete the questions and answers. Use the words in the box. Some words or expressions are used twice.

a/an - a lot of - many - much

1- How _ fruit do you eat a day? Well, I have __ banana every day for luch. I don´t eat a big luch. 2- How _ times a week do your parents eat meat? They eat meat every day. They eat _ meat? 3- Does your brother eat __ eggs? No, he doesn´t. He probably eats ___ egg about once a month.

B- Complete the conversations. Use some or any.

1- Would you like to get __ coffes after class? Sure. Let´s get _ and sit outside. It´s so sunny. 2- Do you have _ snacks? I´m starving No, but I have_ fruit. You can have that. 3- It´s so hot. Do you want to come to our house? We have __ ice cream. Sure. Do you have ___ chocolate ice cream? It´s my favorite!

C- Complete the questions with -would you like- or -would you like to-. Use capital latters where necessary.

1- _ have dinner? 2- What _ for dinner? 3- Where __ go?

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