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"Yo siempre leo el periódico los lunes."

Translation:I always read the newspaper on Mondays.

May 17, 2018



I used the plural "Mondays" but was told it should be "on Monday" (singular). When I used "on Monday" it was marked as correct but surely "los lunes" is the plural as you have put it above? I am getting very confused here DL.


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Check the definite article "el lunes" = on Monday and "los lunes" = on Mondays.


Because the word lunes is plural in this sentence.


No, lunes doesn't change from singular to plural, the way sábado and domingo do.

El lunes means "on Monday" and los lunes means "every Monday". It's that simple.


"Los lunes" is "on Mondays"

"Todos los lunes = "every Monday".

Per Spanish Grammar;

When used with the days of the week, the definite article has the special meaning "on."

No trabajo el lunes. I don't work on Monday.

No trabajo los martes. I don't work on Tuesdays.

Hay una fiesta el miércoles. There is a party on Wednesday.

Hay muchas fiestas los viernes. There are many parties on Fridays.


Yes, Mondays, plural. I think you are both right. I put "Yo siempre leo el periódico los lunes" into Spanishdict.com. It gave three translations. Two said "... on Mondays" and one said "every Monday". Doesn't "on Mondays" and "every Monday" mean the same thing? I think so.


I believe technically they mean the same thing... but doesn't los lunes=on Mondays and todos los lunes=every Monday?


I would say yes. I put the sentence in with "todos", and Spanishdict gave all three of it's translations with "every Monday". If you put "los lunes" in by itself, it translates as "Mondays" or "Every Monday".

So, maybe they are both right. Or, the translator software is just filling in what it thinks I meant, because it's not all there? Maybe a native speaker could tell us for sure.

[deactivated user]

    los is plural, el is singular...verdad!


    When speaking of an action during a day of the week, why is there not a preposition used? Why does it not say "...en los lunes."?

    And also, why is the article "los" being used? Why can't you say "...en lunes."?

    It seems to me there are other sentences where you simply say that day of the week without using the article prior.


    The only time that they don't use the article is when you have an identity sentence "Today is Monday." would be "Hoy es lunes." In Spanish, they don't use "on" with days of the week, just the definite article. English is the one that people have trouble to learn "on Monday" but "in May". They are probably wondering why we use a preposition.


    Thank you so much! I was having difficulty understanding why the "en" was missing here.


    Is papers not a term used for newspapers?


    "Newspaper" was translated as "el periodico" but when asking for "newspaper" the correct answer is "la prensa" and I'm confused .


    why is "On mondays i always read the newspaper" not acceptable


    Because that's not the sentence


    I may have possibly been wrong on my answer below, but I would argue in favor of CharlesJOL3 on this one. The meaning is exactly the same. Duolingo often accepts alternate answers where the word order is different, but the meaning remains the same. I don't see why this one should be an exception. They should accept it.


    You may be right : ) It seems acceptable as I read it right now... I must've been really tired at the time.


    Well you weren't really wrong either; technically, it really was not the exact sentence. I was just quibbling, because if the word order is different but the meaning doesn't change as a result, they eventually accept it.


    I thought "diarios" was newspapers, but apparently "periodicos" is the correct translation. I've also seen diaros mean diary or journal. Maybe this is some Mexican/Spanish confusion?


    “Diarios” is literally “dailies” and “periodicos” is literally “periodicals” and both Spanish words can refer to newspapers. https://dictionary.reverso.net/english-spanish/Newspapers




    I always read Monday's newspaper was marked as incorrect. Should "I always read Mondays' newspaper" be acceptable?


    We do not know which newspaper you read (it may be Sunday´s) but we do know that you always read a newspaper on Monday.


    I always read the newspaper mondays, is wrong. Seems right to me!


    "I always read the Monday newspaper". It said it's wrong. But isn't the intended meaning the same?


    But that's not what the sentence says


    Well, yes, if you are wanting to be exact. But there are plenty of examples on Duolingo where I've translated exactly what was said, and it tells me I'm wrong. They seem to want the way we would say it in English as an answer. It's difficult to know what they want, the reasoning can seem arbitrary at times.

    In terms of meaning, the Monday newspaper is the one that arrives on Monday. So what is the problem? How is it an invalid translation?


    This one just doesn't seem the same to me because reading the paper on Mondays doesn't necessarily mean that you are reading Monday's newspaper. Maybe you only get the Sunday paper... but don't have time to read it except for on Mondays. Where I live it is very rural and we don't have a daily newspaper. It only comes out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. So if I made the statement, "I always read the newspaper on Fridays", it wouldn't mean that I was reading the Friday paper because we don't have a Friday paper.


    Okay, I see what you mean, it doesn't actually say it was Monday's newspaper being read on Monday, I was making an assumption. I'll have to agree with you on this one.

    I live in a rural area too, and the newspaper doesn't come every day either. There isn't enough news to fill up a whole week!


    We do not know which newspaper you read (it may be Sunday´s) but we do know that you always read a newspaper on Monday.


    "I always read the paper on Monday" (singular Monday) should be correct


    Los lunes is plural


    Yes, but in English we do not usually make days of the week plural


    It is not uncommon in English... My class is on Fridays. I exercise on Tuesdays. I read the newspaper on Mondays.


    Everyone knows that

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