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"Bist du vielleicht verrückt?"?

  1. What is the meaning of vielleicht in "Bist du vielleicht verrückt?,"?

  2. Can someone tell me what is the meaning of überlassen in **Mehr als zwei Jahre lang hatten sie den Jungen im Internet angeboten und Männern gegen Geld für Vergewaltigungen überlassen,"?

LG Jason

May 17, 2018



"You want to do that? Bist du vielleicht verrückt?" = "Can it be that you're crazy?"

"Guess who I am!" "Bist du vielleicht Anna?" = "Could you be Anna?"

"Look what I can do!" "Bist du vielleicht ein Angeber!" = "Boy, you're a show-off!"

überlassen = to leave sth. to/for sb.

In your example, the implication is something like "to rent out" ("gegen Geld überlassen").

"Ich wäre bereit, Ihnen das Auto für 10.000€ zu überlassen." = I'd be willing to sell the car to you for 10,000€

"I'm going on vacation. Ich überlasse dir den Hund." = I'm leaving the dog to you to care for it

"Should we go to Italy or to Spain?" "Ich überlasse es dir." = I'm leaving it for you to decide


in most cases vielleicht translates as maybe, parhaps, possibly, by any chance etc.

so "Bist du vielleicht verrückt?"could translate as

are you parhaps crazy?

could it be that you are crazy?

are you by any chance crazy?


sometimes vielleicht is used to put a stronger emphasis on an other word.

in that case "Bist du vielleicht verrückt!" could also mean:

you are really crazy!

well the first is a question and the second a statement. so the questionmark in your example gives the meaning away.

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