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Brát si, Brát se, and the Tips and Notes for Family 1

I'm running through some practice sessions for the Family 1 skill, and just encountered TWO discussions about the difference between Brát si and Brát se, and which case to use with each of them.

Unfortunately, I didn't copy the links, so I can't point anyone to them, but one contained a good explanation of the difference between the verbs and their associated cases, in the context of "getting married."

The second one reflects a lot of concern that the Tips and Notes section for the skill lists Brát si in the table of verbs that take the genitive case -- which apparently it doesn't, at least with respect to getting married.

So I thought I'd try posting the issue here, since the "sentence" discussions may not have been seen by someone who can correct the (apparent) error in the table.

Here's the link to the Tips and Notes: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cs/Family1/tips-and-notes

May 17, 2018

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i fixed the verb table in question. it may take some time to update on the user side. thanks!

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