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  5. "Čeho se drží?"

"Čeho se drží?"

Translation:What is she holding on to?

May 17, 2018



Why is "What is she holding?" unacceptable?


While DRŽET means TO HOLD, the reflexive DRŽET SE means TO HOLD ON TO. You can see some other definitions at the links below. ČEHO is the genitive form of CO. https://glosbe.com/cs/en/dr%C5%BEet https://glosbe.com/cs/en/dr%C5%BEet%20se


That is "Co drží?".


Just a quick question here. Does držet se mean "holding on to" in the physical sense (as in, say, a strap in a tram), or does it also mean "keeping" (as in, "Why are you holding on to those shoes? They're really beat up; you should throw them away!"), or both? Thanks!


It has the physical meaning - Drží se tyče v metru (a pole on the subway), drží se dveří (door) atd.

It's not used for "keeping" things such as in your example with shoes, BUT it can definitely be used for "keeping" with abstract nouns. E.g. "Drží se svých ideálů" - He/she's holding on / sticking to his/her ideals. or "Drží se svých představ." - ideas/conceptions, or "Držíme se plánu." - We're sticking to the plan / We stick to the plan.


The keeping sense is very archaic. Today you will find it in formulations like "Zakladatel hradu Gerhard ze Zbraslavi a Obřan držel hrad v letech 1278–1291."


"What are they holding on to"


Thanks! Added now!


The hints suggest "What is holding on" is a valid answer.

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