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Welcome to the Incubator, Irish contributors!

I felt like this deserved a wee post ;) Many thanks to alexinIreland and Lancet, Duolingo's new Irish contributors!

I just wanted to extend a personal thanks as I am looking forward to finally having a quality course I can take that will help me learn (and hear!) the difficult pronunciations of Irish words and use an immaculate interface like Duo's to learn this language!

...also, soon a language that has long been considered endangered will enjoy a host of budding students--armed with the tools to study and practice it, and be part of its revival.

It's a beautiful thing, ladies and gents. Thanks all around!

April 24, 2014



Go raibh maith agat :)


Tá éad ormsa. Bhí mé ag iarraidh obair air freisin!


Ná bí buartha faoi.... :)


Ceapaim go dtuigim.


awesome! Good luck! :)


I can't wait until many other endangered languages, like many of the Native American languages, are in the incubator.


I'd love to see ojibwe here, which has a large population but is struggling as a language. Also Dakota/Lakota - there are very large reservations with basically 100% lakota/dakota populations, in isolated areas, meaning building the language in a younger generation could be done without nearly as much distraction as in big cities. Unfortunately internet access is another challenge there.


I think it's awesome that duolingo is moving into the realm of teaching endangered languages. Though I doubt I'll make much use of the Irish course myself, I am ever so glad to see that it's in the words and I hope it will help to preserve the language and make way for more of the world's endangered languages. :-)


I should mention one other reason I am excited to see Irish emerge on Duolingo: it could be the first incubator release that did not start out with an "English for _ speakers" and then reverse. This has exciting implications for the future as well, as other endangered and extinct languages will likely not have corresponding English learning courses. :)


Nil me abalta fanacht- Tá sceitimini orm!

This is terrific news, I shall be counting down the days till it's release then try and be the first to finish the tree :)

Two big cheers to alexinIreland and Lancet and wish them the luck of the Irish. T'is even possible Irish will be the first course realeased for english Speakers on the incubator (though perhaps a long shot- still think of how cool that would be!) such a proud heritage- the first non- majour language to reach duolingo!!!


Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh! I would contribute but as apparently my Irish was lacking enough to obtain a C in the LC, I decided it was best not to foist my terrible grammar upon the community.


plus they want either fluent or bilingual speakers


This is the language I am most excited for on Duolingo. It will be great craic! The anticipation is terrible : ) Thank you for your contribution.


I'm wondering why the progress is at 0%. There is no interface to make, since it's for English speakers, right? So why doesn't the Irish course start at 20% like other courses with pre-existing interfaces? Or am I missing something?


I have never seen that any course from another language to English started with more than 0%. Only courses which included already existing languages (German, Spanish, French) started with higher progress. Maybe I am not right.


Yes but this one is not to English but from English


But the other courses from English also started at 0%, two of them (Hungarian, Romanian) are still at 0%


Indeed, you're right :-)


Yes, you are right.


Maybe the percent count does not include the interface strings, Luis said it will be made from scratch so maybe the percent count is on the tree only......maybe.......


Awesome! Really looking forward to using this course. What dialect will it be based on?


Much welcomed and that's no blarney. :)


Congratulations, this have many people waited for! I am looking forwad on studying some irish:)


I would be very happy to speak this language. Thank you course contributors! :) I can't wait to try it.


Congratulations !!


Beidh muid ag labhairt gaeilge go luath, le cúnamh dé!


Yes! The best of luck, Irish team! I can't wait to learn! :D


Maith thú! I am so happy to see this! Best of luck in building the course!

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