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  5. "You are handsome, Torg!"

"You are handsome, Torg!"

Translation:bI'IH, torgh!

May 17, 2018



I have a question, when should torg be in front or behind?


There is no difference in meaning -- as with English, both orders are possible.

When translating, keep such vocatives (which show the person you are talking to, rather than being part of the sentence itself) in the same place as in the original.

For example, if the Klingon has bI'IH, torgh! then translate as "You are handsome, Torg!", while if the Klingon has torgh, bI'IH! then translate as "Torg, you are handsome!".


Why is the letter B a capital letter in this example?


Because the Duolingo software gets confused. Sometimes it capitalized the first letter in a sentence even though you are not supposed to do that in Klingon.

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