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Practice not available

Hey, Duolingo programmers!!!!

Can you, please, put back practice option on each subject the way it was before? I have lots of phrases I need to reapat visible in Words tab. But there is no way to repeat them. The practice button available on the right hand of the screen is too general and you do not know what you are reapeating there. The algorytm based prectice option on the subjects, now ony available in Tinycards, was the only thing that actually encouraged learning.

May 17, 2018



I agree. The practice option es muy importante.


The practice button only appears when you reach skill level 5. Until then you do the lessons which in effect is repeating the material and can be thought of as practice.


Yes. I have just tested it on one of the subjects. In fact I am very dissapointed. The levels mean nothing here or at least I do not understand the concept of the level. For me levels should me more difficult if you go up in their hierarchy. It is not the case here. It is simply a repetition of the material that was introduced on level 1 and maybe 2. So yes, indeed, they should be called Lessons, not levels.

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