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Strenghten is not working very well on duels

I have played duels and at the beginning i ve got about three lessons strenghts but then no more lessons seems to be strenghts anymore.

I've already played about 15 times or more without none of my lesson being strenghs

Anyone experiencing the same thing? I am on french tree

April 24, 2014



Hi! Thanks! So, duels work exactly like a normal practice, however, a single duel is shorter, so you will not strengthen as fast. Super excited to hear that you are loving the new feature :) Please keep the feedback and questions coming!


Thanks kristine for taking time to explain, you are always very helpful with us!


This is happening playing with other peoples and robot also


Just started a duel with my girlfriend's iphone to test plauing through gamecenter and disconnect it in the first question, although did not answered any question my girlfriend had one lesson streghten... I think this new feature is not very consistent in some points


Just forgot to say NICE work Duolingo Team! Love the duel feature...

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